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Laundry Products and Service

Laundry Products and Service laundry products and serviceLaundry Solutions For The 21st. Century

Whether you’re an operator of a  Health Care Facility, health club, hotel, restaurant, or a large scale laundry operation, Ridgway’s has an Accu-Pour Laundry program that will help you control costs and improve sustainability, all while reducing fabric loss and improving your satisfaction.  The Accu-Pour Laundry System incorporates the latest technology in fabric care combined with high accuracy dispensing solutions.

  • Free monthly and quarterly Preventative Maintenance on your washing machines and dispensing equipment – NO COMPANY DOES THIS!  Monthly 6 point inspections and quarterly 9 point inspections will help stop little problems from turning into major repair issues, thereby helping reduce downtime that turns into costly repairs and lost productivity.
  • Accuu-Pour – Closed Loop Dispensing Systems create’s a safer working environment for employees.  Employees don’t come into direct contact with the detergents.
  • Inventory Monitoring – Ridgway representatives regularly check your inventory to make sure that you always have just the proper amount of products on hand.
  • Guaranteed Savings – When we say, “We will save you money.”, we back it up.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Expert 24/7 Repair Service.  Our fully stocked vehicles guarantee that most repairs are completed on the first call.  The majority of our service calls are responded to on the SAME DAY.  The factory trained service technicians at Ridgway Industries, Inc. will keep your commercial washing machine working for you.


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