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Accu-Pour Closed Loop Dispensing System

With Ridgway’s Accu-Pour Closed Loop Dilution Control System, you can eliminate waste from under diluting, and the hazards of leaks, spills, and employees coming into direct contact with concentrated chemicals.  Ridgway Industries, Inc. has cost effective dilution control systems for Food Service, Housekeeping, Food Processing Plants, and Industrial  applications.  And best yet, Ridgway’s Accu-Pour cleaning line of products are extra concentrated, allowing the end user to economize to the fullest.

Our closed loop system incorporates three components to contain, connect, and control for successful and safe dilution control.

  1. The container insert – Fits inside the bottle neck of the chemical concentrate to ensure against leaks and spills and protect handlers from exposure.
  2. The cap adaptor – Connects the chemical concentrate container to the dispensing system, opening the valve to complete the closed loop.
  3. The valve – Controls the accurate dilution of the chemical to ensure performance, controls the flow of chemicals for maximum efficiency and to prevent back-flow.

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